Guided into Gratitude // Keeping a Gratitude Journal

The year has flown by. I've gotten sharper and grown more business savvy. I traveled to Nigeria and taught about social media strategy. I moderated a panel on cannabis business opportunities and interviewed a MAJOR Silicon Valley tech CEO.  I promise I will continue to soar even higher in 2017, God willing. What I am really clear on, these final days of the year is getting back to my spiritual center. The theme for the month of January is Guidance. When I'm guided I move with intention and obtain deeper impact. I'm at peace within, and things that I don't know or understand, I pray on it and put it in God's hands. I MUST stay in peace. I can't afford to lose my cool or have my ego taking over my actions. I don't want to be too consumed with what other people are doing, or what someone may think of me. I want to be guided, have my steps ordered so that nothing stops me from doing what the hell I need to do, which is: Keep it Pushing! I encourage any and everyone to do the same! 

This morning I was guided to pray for those in authority. I can't remember the last time I prayed for elected officials, other countries or even those who are in authority at my place of employment. I guess you could say I forgot to care, I speak more in detail about this on anchor. 

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For Christmas, I got myself a few gifts, lol. One of my gifts to self, a small journal. It's my new gratitude journal. A few years ago I was working for a motivational teacher who was a BIG believer in keeping a gratitude journal. He gave me my first one when I worked for him. It took me about 2 years to fill it out, I hope to cut the time in half with my new journal. When I flip through my old gratitude journal it truly does fill my heart with joy to see how excited and grateful I was about any and everything. The years it took me to complete that gratitude journal were some pretty lean years. It was after the 2008 recession and I was working 2 part-time jobs that still didn't cover all of my expenses and my 8-year-old Volkswagon Beetle was draining me financially as well. But there I was learning, growing and expanding. At one point I was mad at God because I worked at a call center, all the way out in Coney Island no less, but I was grateful to be employed. I was grateful my boss Jullien was teaching me about building a community, working in your passion and what a sales funnel was. Despite any setbacks, there was so much to be grateful for and I captured as much of it as I could in my journal. It's been on my mind a lot lately, the need to document the little things. As I once again set out to reshape my life + career and expand on my gifts and talents in the New Year I will again keep a gratitude journal to stay humble and connected to my spiritual center. 







[VIDEO] 6 Things I Learned From Ryan Leslie

I had the opportunity to interview Ryan Leslie, acclaimed music producer and tech entrepreneur at the Black Enterprise TechConneXt Summit. Ryan was fresh off the 'Intersection of Music & Entertainment' panel dropping gems about audience development and how using data wisely is critical to business success.

I didn't realize how long the video was, a whopping 8 min until I was typing time-stamps for those that want to get to the nitty gritty! I do however suggest you do watch until the end, because Ryan Leslie gave his perspective on a range of topics from how he uses data to influence content and creativity, to which rappers are leveraging the digital marketplace most effectively, I asked him for 5 but he could only name 3. Ryan also shared his ideas on how tech companies can close the diversity gap. 

1. Which brands are pushing the envelope when it comes to brand awareness @ 2:18

2. Why creating priceless experiences is the only option @ 3:13

3. Saying YES to non-traditional @ 3:55 

4. How can startups close the diversity gap @ 5:30

5. Top rappers KILLING it with digital marketing / brand awareness @ 7:28

6. Ryan shares his phone number - do send him a text! 

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Singer, Harvard grad and entrepreneur Ryan Leslie gets the message across with SuperPhone texting

8 Velvet Pieces To Revive Your Wardrobe

A lot of people know me for my work in social media and more recently the cannabis industry. What most don't know is that I actually launched my career in fashion. My bachelor's degree is in fashion merchandising. I moved to NYC in 2005 where I interned in the fashion department at Vibe Magazine. I've worked in fashion in many areas including - sales, visual merchandising and back to publishing. Ever since I was a child I had great affection for clothes and especially the feeling you feel when you know your outfit is perfect! Clothing is powerful. I've spent thousands of dollars over the years making various fashion purchases. From thrift shops to luxury items to wearing out a flea market in Nigeria I love shopping! Shoes, handbags, and especially accessories. I also love accessories you can't exactly wear, like this 18k gold blunt tip. But I digress.

With the year winding down I have been thinking, like almost everyone else about what I want for the next year and more importantly what I need to let go of. One of the first places I am starting to let go is my closet. As I've been clearing out my closet, I noticed I have quite a few velvet pieces. Just a month or so ago I picked up a pair of blue velvet loafers from ZARA. I love them so much I decided I needed to add a velvet skirt, dress, and bodysuit to my wardrobe. Plus I also love mixing textures and velvet items can be the perfect partner to everything from satin to leather and everything in between. 

While checking around online for some velvet options Missguided really got me caught up, they have over 300 hundred velvet items just waiting to be styled.

Below are 8 succulent velvet pieces from Missguided that I'm eyeing for my closet. 

1. Burgundy Velvet Skirt


2. Black Velvet Bodysuit

3. Nude Velvel Biker Jacket


4. Orange Crushed Velvet Scoop Back Bodysuit

5. Silver High Waisted Panties

6. Purple Velvet Croc Effect Clutch


7. Pink Velvet Backpack

8. Navy Velvet Choker

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Art and Commerce | SOHO Stories

I love museums and art exhibits. It's definitely a pastime of mine and I firmly believe when I retire from it all - my days will be filled with the task of curating a great museum somewhere. When I first moved to New York I would visit a website called (I don't think the site exist anymore) and see where all the free art openings were happening in the city. My roommate David and I would discover all kinds of art and artist not just in New York, but from around the world.

There was another bonus to frequenting events. Outside of meeting new people and enjoying art - there was also food and drink in the form of free wine and cheese - hence the name But I digress. 

Fast forward a few weeks ago on my SOHO visit (Patrick had to be dragged and ended up really enjoying it) I got to see CJ Hendry's large scale pen on paper drawings up close and personal. Hendry is an Australian artist who counts Kanye West as a client. Hendry has a love affair with luxury items like Hermes and Gucci and she often uses them in her work. I saw she was having an exhibition and being a lover of all things luxury myself, I knew once I peeped the oversized Hermes handbag this was the art opening for me! 

Check out more of CJ Hendry's "The Trophy Room" exhibit below.  

'Kash Kurrency'

Only four more years #kanye2020

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CJ in action 

Wondering how long it takes to make one of these drawings, or how much CJ Hendry can make just from selling just below!