8 Velvet Pieces To Revive Your Wardrobe

A lot of people know me for my work in social media and more recently the cannabis industry. What most don't know is that I actually launched my career in fashion. My bachelor's degree is in fashion merchandising. I moved to NYC in 2005 where I interned in the fashion department at Vibe Magazine. I've worked in fashion in many areas including - sales, visual merchandising and back to publishing. Ever since I was a child I had great affection for clothes and especially the feeling you feel when you know your outfit is perfect! Clothing is powerful. I've spent thousands of dollars over the years making various fashion purchases. From thrift shops to luxury items to wearing out a flea market in Nigeria I love shopping! Shoes, handbags, and especially accessories. I also love accessories you can't exactly wear, like this 18k gold blunt tip. But I digress.

With the year winding down I have been thinking, like almost everyone else about what I want for the next year and more importantly what I need to let go of. One of the first places I am starting to let go is my closet. As I've been clearing out my closet, I noticed I have quite a few velvet pieces. Just a month or so ago I picked up a pair of blue velvet loafers from ZARA. I love them so much I decided I needed to add a velvet skirt, dress, and bodysuit to my wardrobe. Plus I also love mixing textures and velvet items can be the perfect partner to everything from satin to leather and everything in between. 

While checking around online for some velvet options Missguided really got me caught up, they have over 300 hundred velvet items just waiting to be styled.

Below are 8 succulent velvet pieces from Missguided that I'm eyeing for my closet. 

1. Burgundy Velvet Skirt http://tidd.ly/db4640f7


2. Black Velvet Bodysuit http://tidd.ly/c8347780

3. Nude Velvel Biker Jacket http://tidd.ly/95b2848c


4. Orange Crushed Velvet Scoop Back Bodysuit http://tidd.ly/ad4e3dfe

5. Silver High Waisted Panties http://tidd.ly/dce3cd6d

6. Purple Velvet Croc Effect Clutch http://tidd.ly/98d8fbe9


7. Pink Velvet Backpack http://tidd.ly/f18f70e3

8. Navy Velvet Choker http://tidd.ly/a15ef38

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[Part 2] - Top 10 Black Fashion Movie Moments

Part 1 of this post is one of my most successful blog post ever! I've finally found a moment to finish part 2. I do get frustrated by the lack of imagination some editors take when they create these TOP this or BEST of list that exclude African Americans, especially in film. Nevertheless blind eyes are now open and hopefully they'll do "the education" and take a weekend to experience these films starring African Americans which showcase amazing costume design on top of fine acting.

If you missed Part 1 of this piece click here to check it out!

6. The Wiz – Fantasy & Drama

The wardrobe and make-up team did a great job styling the main cast, but it was the cast in the partying all up and through Emerald City where the film really shines for me! 

SN: one summer I visited the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, NYC. They house a lot of memorabilia from The Wiz. Including miniature characters and costumes. This movie had everyone from Lena Horne to Geoffrey Holder.


Fun Fact: Norma Kamali designed the costumes for the Emerald City sequences in The Wiz


7. Mo Better Blues – Bold & Clean: 1 "musician" caught in a love triangle with 2 bold women. 


8. Harlem Nights –  Pomp and Pageantry

Eddie Murphy is one of my favorite comedians and film-makers. I honestly don't think he gets the credit he deserves. Murphy never cut corners when it came to creating and executing his films. He spared no expense. Its evident in the films final outcome and especially in the styling of the costumes his characters wore. 

9. Eve's Bayou – Elegant & Regal, Louisiana 1960's 

10. She's Gotta Have It – 1 woman, 3 lovers = Minimalist Man-eater 

I love this film because the clothes, especially Nola's are clean and simple. Delicate touches like earrings, watches and belts add dimension to an otherwise minimal, hipsters' wardrobe. 

Honorable mention to some of my others faves that didn't make the cut like Lady Sings the Blues, starring Diana Ross and Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice.

Style Secrets of Eartha Kitt

I have been wanting to write a style post on Eartha Kitt for awhile. Today I finally sat down and got to work. The film Boomerang was the first time I discovered Eartha Kitt. And from the moment she walked in frame I was mesmerized. Eartha Kitt was everything: sexy, regal, poised. From that moment on, her and Grace Jones, also in the film became my idols. 

In my opinion style is all about confidence. You never want your clothes wearing you and Eartha owned ALL of her looks; from the set to the stage Eartha exuded a confidence in her demeanor and certainly in what she wore. Thats why CONFIDENCE is the 1st style secret of Eartha Kitt. 

The 2nd key to Eartha Kitts style was her HAIR. Whether at rehearsal on on the beach Eartha Kitt made sure to protect her tresses. Known to move through town wearing a satin scarf or a bonnet.  Ladies I am sure you can attest to the benefits of protecting your delicate strands!

And finally Eartha Kitt's EYEBROWS and the fact that she loved a good strand of PEARLS. She proved that a single stand of pearls paired with cut offs, a white collar tee and sandals could possibly be the sexist way to pull off denim short-shorts. 

I don't know about you, but when I put my outfits together for the week, I'll be sure to think of muva Eartha and her classic sense of style when I do. Before you go check out this fun performance of Eartha Kitts on the Nat King Cole Show... Prrrrrrr

*All images found on Pinterest