5 Decor Staples For A Clutter Free Apt (for couples)

As I mentioned in a previous post I am cohabiting thereby undergoing "home renovations". We're attempting to merge styles while defining our individual and collective tastes. This chapter in the relationship is interesting. The biggest challenge has been scaling back and streamlining. I'm trying to divorce the printer and use less paper. But I like flipping through paper, highlighting and making notes in the margins. Needless to say we need storage solutions. I can't stand clutter and I am finding in clearing the clutter more clutter is being created. Anyone understand what Im saying? 

Right now we're choosing some basic foundational items that will make this transition easier and make good use of space. We're also deciding color themes, we don't our walls cluttered with too many paint colors or loud wall paper. And we're gathering DIY projects we think are really cool, and we want to attempt - but probably never will. With many decisions to be made the one thing we refuse to do is rush the process; we really want to enjoy it. So we started a Pinterest board to gather ideas and inspiration and its been really helpful for us. Its helping us understand the other persons taste and come to agreements on the decor sooner. We're both busy media professionals with side-hustles and our time is valuable. The ease of collaboration through Pinterest helps us speed up our decision making process. If we see a piece of furniture we agree on, we plan for a later purchase and if there is a location nearby we make a visit. 

Some of the items we've purchased or are purchasing in the coming months: