Books, Bags, Boots & Baubles

Who wants to dress better, make more money, and excel in their respective field...MEEEEEE!!! Thanks to my parents gifting me with a ZARA gift card over the holidays I was able to grab a pair of boots, and a new bag. Both of which I was in dire need of. I also want to increase my knowledge of acting and asked for some books I had saved in my AMAZON wish-list since grandmother was a girl. So my parents got me Sandford Meisner on Acting & Stella Adler - The Art of Acting . As an avid reader I decided that THIS year I'd choose 12 books to read over the course of the year, instead of just randomly reading books and barely finishing them. This month I've been reading Sandford Meisner on Acting, Acting As a Business,  and I 'm also re-reading The Pimp Game by Mickey Royal . I've learned that scared money, don't make no money so as I transition into a full - fledge, profit earning entrepreneur I have to take the reins and learn as much as possible about acting and business in general. Hell, Stella has to get her groove back by her own-self!

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In another entrepreneurial move I opened up an online accessories boutique. Introducing Savage Gazelle at Kitsy Lane where I specialize in well-known brands and emerging designers. Accessories have always been my thing, so much so that a few years ago I invested in this jewelry armoire. Very similar to one my mother has had since I was a child. So naturally when the opportunity to open this shop came about, I jumped at the chance. I understand how important it is to have income coming in from multiple sources, and doing work that you love. I have spent years doing work that is unfulfilling while being underpaid and underutilized and those days are over! However, I can honestly say that those particular positions allowed me to grow, and strengthen my commitment and focus on what God has always had in store for me.

Below are some recent acquisitions to my shop...I encourage you to join my email list to be notified of sales, coupons and virtual trunk shows!

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I'm just having a ball, learning and growing. Here's to 2014 and my world domination.

You've been warned!