Black Jews Then & Now

A few weeks back, for whatever reason, former Bad Boy artist Shyne was on my mind. His song "Bonnie & Shyne" was in constant rotation in my house when it came out. The video was everything, as ghetto-fabulous as it could get. Cars, know all this abundance and still living in the projects... #shade. Nevertheless, I was going through some left-over pictures from my library visit last week, you can click here to check that post out, where I snapped this image of Black Hebrew Jews shot by James Van Der Zee during the1920's.

photo 3

This led me down a rabbits hole, reading articles on the history of the Black Jews and how they came to inhabit Harlem. Somehow I came back around to Shyne and I remembered reading that he converted to Judaism a few years ago. I also remember seeing pictures of him gallivanting around Paris Fashion Week with Diddy in his new-found garb.

photo 1photo 4

Gearing up for my exotic trip to Istanbul next week has me thinking about traditional dress, and how I can incorporate some of these looks into my own. As I conceptualize my travel wardrobe I can't help but be inspired by the looks they're wearing. Satin jackets, variety of hats, and shawls all essential wardrobe staples.

I especially love the below shot of Shyne. There is something kinda sexy about him in this costume, all layered up and lighting a cigar; minus the shoes. He's even in on the long-running pattern on pattern trend!

The rapper Shyne lights a cigar before the world premiere of his short films in Jerusalem, Israel

Bonus...Bonnie & ShyneΒ  video.