5 Things

I am not done blogging about my trip to Istanbul, I haven't even shared the food! But even I got tired, momentarily -- of writing about it. So I decided to do another 5 Things post. 1. Growing - My friend Janelle, owner and founder of fashion and beauty firm Suite PR took time out of her busy schedule to spruce up my part of the web.

I LOVE the redesign. We had so much fun cutting up between her designing headers, us deciding on workable colors - she's for no color, while I need to see all the crayons, and watching the RHOA reunion Pt 1.Β  If this is your first time visiting then you have no idea how wretched, but effective the last theme was. This current one though, speaks to my soul. Its classic, timeless and fresh.

2. Acting Life Pt 1 - Law & Order SVU Intensive - I had my fist casting director intensive yesterday at Actors Connection.Β  It went...blah. I made a choice based on the script and the casting direction (CD) interpreted it differently. It could have been because of how that particular episode actually aired, but we definitely approached it from different angles. Nevertheless, he did say I was getting closer based on my second take at it. I m glad I went though. I got a lot of information and am starting to form relationships with some of the gate-keepers. I'll give it a couple of months and try his intensive later in the year.

3. #GirlfriendDay - I love when I can link up with my friends and decompress. Last week Janelle, myself andΒ The Style Maverick decided to have lunch at one of our favorite restaurants and my first ever hostess job Locanda Verde. It was sooo good seeing my old co-workers and managers; they even sent over desserts!

Below is a pic of Janelle and I as we were leaving the restaurant. I call it #GirlfriendDay because it's always the full day.


After lunch we grabbed drinks at The Top of The Standard in the Meatpacking District.

4.Β  Acting Life Pt 2 - I finished a on-camera commercial class right before Istanbul and as of yesterday an intensive with a casting director (CD) so I scheduled time to meet with my career counselor Chantal over at TVI studios, she's been a great help to me in navigating my career and she agrees that its time to take things to the next level, which means showcasing with agents/management and getting in front of more CD's. She also gave me a list of things to do and a lot of insight and clarity overall. Now I have to take all that NEW information implement and test it.

5. Viewing - I've become a bit of a you-tuber. I am always watching T.D. Jake's, Fulton J. Sheen...etc.Β  I've been getting more focused on my health and fitness and before Istanbul I got into Jillian Michaels videos. This week however was all about hair "typing" videos. I've decided I fall in the 4A-Z category.Β  I have been devouring the techniques and minimalist approach ofΒ  Alicia James. I too suffer from major shrinkage so I tried both her blow-dry and flat-iron methods and my hair came out lovely. I did a twist out the following day and it was beautiful. I'm going to continue the approach and check my crowns health at the end of May. Check out Alicia's "No Heat On Ends" technique below.