What The Hobbit, The Battle of the Five Armies Can Teach You About Diversity

{SPOILER ALERT} First off, I love the Lord of the Rings franchise. I read the books back in the day and instantly fell in love with Middle Earth. Many times while reading I wanted to live there, always as an elf, and other times I found Middle Earth to be a scary and frightening place. Nevertheless, when Meatball said he had tickets to the IMAX, 3D advanced screening I could not hide my excitement while at work. The movie didn't disappoint either. There was more than 1 scene that either had me jump because it felt soooo close and real, or I wished I had a sword so I could help kick some ass! All that being said, who knew The Hobbit would be dropping gems about diversity. Salute!

1. Never Underestimate The Little Guy - Those damn dwarves were not to be slept on. They may have been "vertically challenged" but they worked together to find solutions to their shared problems/issue - reclaiming their throne. Now, King Thorin went through some trials in this one. After taking back the kingdom he pretty much lost his damn mind. He thought everyone was trying to steal from him, and he became obsessed with finding one heirloom! His lust for his new found wealth, and his inability to think for the team almost ruined it for his dwarf subjects AND cousin all of whom came to his aid to hold onto the kingdom he'd JUST gotten back! He did finally have a come to Jesus moment - though it took most of the film. Nevertheless the dwarves heart, fire, and eventual focus allowed them to come together and overcome! And believe it or not, despite the few moments of selfishness their reputation as warriors preceded them.

So remember: don't sleep on the little guy, the funny girl that seems like she's not on her job, or the quiet guy in the back with his head down. They might just muscle you from your position and you won't see it coming!

2. Pretty People Can Be a Pain in the Ass - Now I want to be an elven lordess as much as the next girl, but that father of Legolas, Thranduil was conniving, petty and pretty as hell. You got to watch those pretty people, they might be too pretty to think clearly for the team. He too was concerned about reclaiming some FAMILY heirlooms that King Thorin was now sitting on, that he was not heeding wise counsel, from GANDALF mind you. Who was telling him to make nice with the dwarves and work together to tackle the REAL issue...the damn orcs that were en route to slaughter EVERYBODY! However in Thranduil's defense when you step on the scene like thissssss 

I have to give you a pass. I mean what is this beast of majesty he's on? The elven army slayed that day! And these costumes.

3. Keep Magic in your Heart & Old People on the Team - Wise counsel, divine intervention. To be successful all it takes is a little faith and a discerning spirit. Be able to spot out prophetic counselors for your life. Everyone needs a Galandriel and Gandalf the Grey on their team. Their insight is of another world, and their power is unmatched. After witnessing Cate Blanchett in yet another elegant, ethereal, and frightening performance as Galandriel, I know exactly who I'm channeling for the 2015 Halloween galas!

4. Diverse Teams Fight the Good Fight - If everyone is on the same page, giving of their individual strengths and talents then all you can do is win. It might not be easy to find your footing or voice at first, but find a cause you believe in and your voice will be heard - do your part and fall in line. Everyone can't and should not lead but we can all do what we can to push HUMANITY forward. In this film you had elves, dwarves, men, and wizards come together to save the day. Is your team as diverse or does everyone look and think the same? When you're up against a group of orcs who's only purpose in being created is to takeover EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY you're going to want some diversity on the team!

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies comes out this week, December 17TH. Check it out in Imax, 3D for an unforgettable experience.