5 Apps Everyone's Little Sister Should Have

Girls in STEM, Girls Who Code, Girls Girls Girls...some of our girls don't know the basics. It was with this thought in mind and recalling stories from my own 9th grade sister - I started thinking: What are some basic apps I WISH my sister had on her Smartphone? What could benefit her NOW and beyond at this stage that she's missing out on? I mean she has her favorites: Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube. But what are some informative and interactive apps that could inspire and educate her TODAY?? Source: huffpost

Here are my Top 5 Recommendations:

1. A Period Tracker - I was never good at keeping track of my cycle - I started early, age 9. Thank God for my mom, it was she that made sure I had adequate protection every month.  With that said a few years ago I started using period trackers. I could monitor my period and any PMS symptoms like cramps and cravings. I could even keep track of my moods. Every woman that's pre menopause can benefit from this type of app. Some like my personal favorite, Period Diary also lets you know whether you're fertile and ovulating. You can also select days you were/are intimate!

2. Pinterest - The most visually inspiring website on Earth. And you my dear are the master curator. Its one big vision board. Pinterest is the easiest place to be inspired and share what inspires you. I use pinterest religiously to find and pin recipes to my board Eat, Drink and Be Merry or my board Award Tour ; an archive all of the dresses/looks I want to wear or recreate when its my turn to hit the red carpets!

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3. Nextdoor - Bring your family, friends and community into the digital age with Nextdoor. Its a social network for neighbors. You can keep your community informed on local businesses, crime and most importantly foster a real sense of community where neighbors actually know, speak and look out for one another.

4. Human Body - Ok, so I JUST discovered Human Body and I am already obsessed. Basically this is a full working human body. Also for boys. The cool thing about Human Body is that - its completely interactive. There are so many "Oh", "I didn't know that did THAT" and "Wow" moments you'll have it's gonna be really hard to put your smartphone away.


5. Mint - If you are good to your money it will be good to you! I'm currently reading Suze Orman's book Women & Money, it fell right into my lap. I felt it was imperative that I got my financial house in order. I spoke on The Breakfast Club last year about judgements I had had against me and other financial set backs, and how there are great FREE resources out here to help. I know this because I use one of them. Now that those areas I struggled with are under control I am moving into a new phase: investing and creating residual income.

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Remember we don't become wealthy working for someone else. So after you've fully defined what success means to you - be sure you are treating yourself and your money right. Use Mint to track where your money goes and how it grows. It's never too late to start saving for a special trip, or investing in products/services you like and start "cashing out."

Now What? If you like this post let me know in the comments and be sure to share it with your younger sister, cousin, friend, etc. If you have an app recommendation let us know that as well!