Confidence: Acting Confident When You Don’t Feel Confident

Lets just be honest, acting confident when you don't feel your best isn't easy. I will say though acting confident when sometimes I don’t feel as such has come somewhat easy for me. It could be why I’m an actor. lol

Be that as it may sometimes you just don’t feel like you look your best, are performing at your best, or you just feel like shit. These are the mornings where your warm bed seems to be the safest place on Earth. And all you want to do is pull the covers over your head and sleep another day. Don’t do it! Ain’t nothing but the devil keeping you complacent. This is where your Academy Award winning performance comes to play. Like a actor has to keep a good monologue in their back pocket, these steps and ideas will help you harness your self confidence. 

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Steps to Acting Confident:

1.  Hold Your Head Up - Holding your head down sends a signal of being timid, unworthy, or inferior. 

2. Smile - I have been complimented on my smile for years, it’s my secret weapon. A smile can soften hearts and ease tension. You can sometimes hear a person smiling on the phone and it almost always makes you smile~

3. Sing An Uplifting Song - Mariah Carey’s “Hero”, Jay-Z’ “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” always makes me feel better. Music speaks to the soul so listen to songs that boost your confidence. Something that makes you forget about your problems and gives you a feeling of invincibility!

4. Get Dressed Up - This is so easy it’s damn near criminal. When you look good, you feel good. And when you know you look good, other people see it and they will compliment you.

5. Cover Your Bases - Get things done. Write out a daily task list, choose the most important 5 and get going, action replaces fear and you will forget you didn’t feel confident.

6. Make Eye Contact - You can always tell if a person is confident if they make eye contact. Don’t look off to the side or at the floor. Look a person in their eyes.

7. Say An Affirmation - You are what you think, so program yourself. Tell yourself I was an amazing person today, yesterday and I will be an amazing person tomorrow The more you embed this into your subconscious mind the sooner the results will manifest on the outside.

8. Imitate People You Admire - What do you notice about him/her? How do they interact with the world? Use them as mentors, whether they know it or not. Emulate their positive habits and catapult yourself higher. 

9. Speak Up - If you normally keep quiet at work during your next meeting commit to making a point. Make sure it’s relevant, and speak up. You’re a voice in this world and you deserve to be heard.

10. Write It Down - Every time you act confident when you didn’t feel like it, write it down. Refer back to it at the end of the week and month and see how much progress you made! You’ll instantly feel better and will be even more equipped to make future confidence building choices!

Tip: Choose 1 item from this list to focus on each day. At the end of 10 days, start over. You will subconsciously train your mind and spirit to think positive and maintain the discipline of self-care.