Dreams & Aspirations: Figuring Out Your Dreams

One of the first things I do when I get up is set my mind. This includes reading motivational, inspiring, or instructional books, listening to inspiring podcast, or doing a simple meditation. Setting my mind on positive, informative and inspirational things revs up my own vibration. Not only am I able to think clearer, I also have an arsenal of ideas I’m inspired about and ready to pursue. Like an athlete training before a big game, I am consistently training my mind for success. It’s the key to motivation.

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Success isn't defined by how you start, but how you continue overtime. -Darren Hardy, Publisher Success Magazine 

Another thing I try to each day is write in my gratitude journal. Just waking up and seeing that my dog woke up is enough reason to be happy. Imagine waking up to a dead dog! When you're in pursuit of a lot of dreams and those dreams are coming to fruition, you are GLAD, OVERJOYED even that you just woke up. That you are not blind or deaf and can keep running the race set before you. Another name for that feeling is passion. You wake up passionate to get back into your craft, work your connections, and make the moves that your dreams require. 

So I ask you - What are your dreams and aspirations? This is the first step, before you start setting goals. Get clear on what you want. There is no point in setting a goal that came out from nowhere. See the vision first!

Take out a pen/pencil and a sheet of paper or open up a google doc and write down everything you want to do, become, or have. Next, write down where you are currently, in your relationship, finances, home environment, etc. Notice the GAP - the GAP is the space between where you are, and where you want to be.

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NOW, you can set goals. Based on where you are (starting point) to where you want to be (attaining goal), the goals help you build the bridge. Say you want to paint your home, but don’t have the supplies, the GAP is getting the supplies: tape, paint, paint brushes, floor covers, etc to complete the goal which is painting the house.

Living a life of purpose and meaning and not fuck sh*t all of the time is a lot of work. Being conscious of the energy you let loose into the atmosphere everyday isn't easy. But sitting around, doing work that is NOT full-filling, uninspiring, and emotionally or financially draining you is NOT the look. While I do not recommend leaving a job when the challenges you're facing are really opportunities to learn, nor do I recommend leaving a job without some sort of nest egg or gig lined up - I also don't recommend staying in a dead end job or relationship and giving up on your dreams.  

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Look at the lives of history makers who have lived or are living extraordinary lives: Steve Jobs, Serena Williams, Ursula Burns (CEO Xerox) or any other person who's had a successful career. The days are long, work is complex, travel is immense. But when passion, timing and preparedness meet opportunity you can't help but enjoy the process because you are pursuing your passion. 

Remember that the value you give is just as important as what you receive. Make achieving your goals FUN! No one said it has to be boring and uneventful, the JOY is in the journey. Your dreams & aspirations are things you love to do. Beyonce loves what she does, and she’s a world class entertainer for it. Discipline and conditioning are mindsets which are acquired and improved over time. Everyday, chip away at your goal until your dreams start becoming tangible! Live up to your potential, don't just sit on it. Achieving your dreams is about getting yourself to do what you don’t want to do in order to have what you want and be what that which you desire.

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