5 Interesting Marijuana Articles I'm Consuming

Listen, the marijuana industry is moving at lightening speed. I can't possibly keep up with all of the new developments within this fast-moving area. No matter how hard I try, or how many google alerts I set up there will always be more information than I can consume. Nevertheless, I aim to be a resource in this space - which I absolutely adore, and with that I thought I'd share some of the stories I have been reading along with a gift guide with the cannabis connoisseur in mind! Expect a similar round-up each Monday! 

Without further ado...

1. Cannabis Careers | Public Relations - I might as well start off with my interview with Gia Morón, PR Chair for the New York chapter of Women Grow. If you're curious about how to align what you currently do with the expanding career options within the cannabis industry please check out this piece! Gia has a wealth of experience in television and finance which has only helped her gain traction in the cannabis industry. Gia offers solid advice and provides resources for would be cannaprenuers. 

So my recommendation to cannapreneurs is to find a reputable organization and become a member. Also, I recommend joining more than one. Currently, I’m exploring the Minority Cannabis Business Association.
— Gia Morón


2. Cannabis Rituals via the Canna Curious Club - my NEW favorite cannabis lifestyle site // This 2-part article on developing your own smoking ritual along with some historical data definitely has me consider how I too can create a more spiritual connection with my practice! 

image via cannacuriousclub.com

image via cannacuriousclub.com

3. 10 Things You Never Knew About Cannabis Roots - I had to admit learning about all of the benefits and uses of cannabis roots had me with my jaw open. Not to mention some of the ancient marijuana practices related to childbirth! 

In the early 18th century, English physician William Salmon echoed these claims with a cannabis root and barley mixture for treating sciatica and pelvic joint pain.
— learngreenflower.com

4. 24k Gold Rolling Papers - Talk about luxe! Though I have become partial to vaping, for a variety of reasons, there is still something about just rolling up a joint and letting it all hang loose. The gold rolling papers give me such LIFE! If you enjoy the finer things these rolling papers are for you! 

5. WeedMaps "the world's first marijuana technology and media  brand" ups its marketing ante and is sponsorsing the e-sports tournament. This is a major move in mainstream cannabis advertising!  

Below check out my gift guide for the sophisticated cannabis consumer. The luxury cannabis market is making much headway and the products are reflecting the demand! 

Disclaimer: This post does contain affiliate links