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I love museums and art exhibits. It's definitely a pastime of mine and I firmly believe when I retire from it all - my days will be filled with the task of curating a great museum somewhere. When I first moved to New York I would visit a website called (I don't think the site exist anymore) and see where all the free art openings were happening in the city. My roommate David and I would discover all kinds of art and artist not just in New York, but from around the world.

There was another bonus to frequenting events. Outside of meeting new people and enjoying art - there was also food and drink in the form of free wine and cheese - hence the name But I digress. 

Fast forward a few weeks ago on my SOHO visit (Patrick had to be dragged and ended up really enjoying it) I got to see CJ Hendry's large scale pen on paper drawings up close and personal. Hendry is an Australian artist who counts Kanye West as a client. Hendry has a love affair with luxury items like Hermes and Gucci and she often uses them in her work. I saw she was having an exhibition and being a lover of all things luxury myself, I knew once I peeped the oversized Hermes handbag this was the art opening for me! 

Check out more of CJ Hendry's "The Trophy Room" exhibit below.  

'Kash Kurrency'

Only four more years #kanye2020

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CJ in action 

Wondering how long it takes to make one of these drawings, or how much CJ Hendry can make just from selling just below!