Edible's Review

While I was out west a few weeks ago I got an opportunity to sample some edibles. Any chance I'm out West I try to indulge, as the edibles variety on the West Coast is unmatched. Everything from cannabis-infused cooking oils to rubs for arthritis and dank drinks are available inside many west coast dispensaries. I tried out some items that I've wanted to sample for a while like Cheeba Chews and Kiva Confections. I also tried some things I'd never heard of. Some were better than others, the Cheeba Chew especially surprised me. Check out my edibles reviews below. 


Cheeba Chews - This brand has been in business for over 6 years and is stocked in almost 1000 dispensaries. Currently they have over 11 edible products. I tried the Hybrid - even blend. Which, to be honest straight laid me out. It was perfect timing as I had been averaging about 5.23 hours of sleep per night. After starting my wash day (natural girl problems) I proceeded to try half of the caramel flavored chew. It was a delight! No cannabis aftertaste and not overtly sweet. The cheeba chew was the perfect sweet/salty treat. About an hour in I began to feel the effects of the candy which evened out into an explosive body high that allowed me to sleep unbothered for well over 4 hours. If you suffer from insomnia or are in need of a Netflix and chill moment, this edible is for you. 

Next up...

Kiva Confections
First off, let me say that these chocolate rival that of any premier chocolate I've ever had including Godiva and Teuscher's Champagne truffles. The chocolate was dark and creamy with a great consistency. I had both the 15mg and the 45mg. The 15gm didn't do much for me I did eat it in pieces and perhaps should have eaten the entire thing in one sitting. The 45mg Kiva, on the other hand, was perfection. I also micro-dosed on the chocolate throughout another day and found the potency to be perfect. An even body high (which I am partial to), perfect for daytime activities or outings. 



Now, I am new to the world of canna butter, rather what exactly you're to do with them. As a bonus the good people at the dispensary gave me 

Magnolia Cookie Butter - Tried this spread, mine is chocolate on a whole wheat rice cake. Smooth, creamy taste with a Nutella type consistency. The cookie butter was uplifting and lively. Good for creative work and focusing. 


Kush Nuts - SOLID! The perfect daytime snack. Light, fresh, just overall tasty - you can easily eat more than the recommended 3 pieces the package recommends. The flavor alone will ensure you forget they're medicated. In any case, these were a great pick-me-up!

These gave me boatloads of energy! 

What I love a lot about the cannabis industry is the branding and package design of the products. Especially edibles and vaporizers. The Kush Nuts especially look like something you'd see right on the shelves of a Whole Foods. That's what makes this industry so exciting. It is all about product quality now. Packaging, marketing are all key components to succeeding in this industry. And, of course, a great team! 

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