3 Things I Learned From My Dog About Entrepreneurship

Dolce ready for commercial work! 

Dolce ready for commercial work! 

Last month I started working PT at my full-time job to pursue my acting career. I also went PT to give more energy to my evolving social media consulting business. Plus it was high time I got better acquainted with my other passion, cannabis. With my new schedule giving me more time to pursue other endeavors, I have been burning the midnight oil. Blogging more consistently, submitting for more acting roles, and I've been spending a lot of time creating digital products (soon come) and designing my social media resource site. 

On top of that, July was spent hosting networking events and participating in speaking engagements. I gave my first keynote speech on using social media to build community; and I was interviewed for a virtual summit in the United Kingdom and I moderated the final panel at this year's 'Blogging While Brown' conference! 

I am using all of my energy and creativity to seed into my future and enjoy the present! Enjoying the present moment includes my 11-year-old yorkie Dolce. I've watched and helped him grow since he was 12 weeks old - back when he was afraid to walk up the stairs and unsure of how to, or what it meant to bark. Fast-forward to now - since I am spending more time working from my home office I get to really see how Dolce operates throughout the day as a "functioning adult". 

Below are 3 Things My Dog Taught Me About Entrepreneurship.

1. Take A Nap - As you can see from my intro I like to work. I really enjoy every aspect of my career and really enjoy building it. I wake up early, around 4:45am and I'am at my desk by 6:15am - having had coffee and taken Dolce for a walk. I often notice Dolce resting. After his morning walk, he'll eat his breakfast and then he's off for a siesta. He can nap up to 6 times per day. He uses these burst of energy, I like to think that he's batching to do other stuff like watch the birds from the fire escape, chew on his squeaky toys, or run after his tennis balls. Between playing and eating Dolce is getting rest. 

On the days I work from home I always take a nap. If I can I make sure to take a nap before a performance or speaking engagement. Its an opportunity to refresh and calm my mind and body. I also find them efficient after meetings or client calls; or anytime I've given out a lot of mental energy. Naps aren't just for regular people either. Former President John D. Rockefeller was known to nap daily after lunch; and Arianna Huffington from The Huffington Post had this to say about sleep and why she added nap rooms to the Huff Post offices: 

 “having a nap in the middle of the afternoon is actually a performance-enhancing tool,” 

2. Go For A Walk - Sitting in front of a computer all day can be daunting and is harsh on the eyes. I've totally upped my walking game and I take Dolce on as many as four walks a day. I enjoy getting the fresh air & dose of energy and sometimes I'll grab a coffee at one of the coffee shops in my neighborhood or take Dolce to the dog park. 

My advice, go for a walk and smell the roses. Give thanks for all the new business that's coming your way! 


3. Trust The Process - Dolce does not worry about when he's going to get fed or go for a walk. Nor does he consider his yearly trips to the vet. He knows he'll be alright. As an entrepreneur, it's often hard to trust the process - especially when you don't see sales or feel like you aren't making the progress you imagined. But if you're spirit led then you know everything will work out in perfect timing and order. Faith and worry cannot live in the same place. Believe in yourself, your products and services or get out of the game! 

I choose to walk my talk and that means trusting God for direction, wisdom and provision! 

How about you? Do you have pets? If so have you ever considered their perspective on life and how it could apply to yours? I'd like to read about it, feel free to share in the comments.