Acting Life: What Happened At My On-Camera Intensive

I am moving from a part-time actor into a full-time entertainer! A few weeks ago I performed at a showcase for Ashley Ingram of Billy Hopkins Casting. It was great! Honestly, it felt good just going in and flexing my acting muscles. Working with the script, only 3 days beforehand and just putting my own spin on the character was just the type of pressure I needed! The most important thing for me, when I get a script is to get "off book" (have lines memorized) as soon as possible and I was about 85% off book within the first 24 hours. 

The workshop group was small - there were 8 students. Ashely spoke about working with long-time casting director Billy Hopkins, her career trajectory and what they (Billy Hopkins Casting) looks for in actors.

Note: The size of your social media following for Billy Hopkins Casting is non factor. They're looking for talented actors. 


Billy Hopkins has cast actors for Empire, The Butler, and event Gabby Sidibe in Precious. It was very important to me that I got in front of their agency. After Ashley spoke, we jumped right in with our performances which went in order by our last names. I went last. That ended up working out for my good because I was not familiar with the characters, I was not able to bring up anything on Google. Based on two actors before me I ended up finding out my character was from a made for tv movie.

My characters name was Terry, a barely legal prison inmate.

I did my performance and received great feedback from Ashley which I was very excited about. The last workshop I did was back in February. I didn't have a reel at that time and I think that hindered my getting signed. That agent had great feedback for me, AND we spoke so long the attendant had to knock two times because there were other actors that needed to be seen. lol

I am now reaching back out to that agent since I've gotten my reel done! Ashely also mentioned the importance of actors following up. If you're making progress in your career you should be sending postcards with your new news to stay top of mind. Its just about opportunity and timing colliding! 

Each time I have a major come-up like getting new headshots, getting my reel finshed, or I booked something pretty substantial -- I like to touch base with casting directors and agents that I've met previously. I am at the point now where I need to build a team (agent/management) to take my career to the next level. I thank God for the blessings and opportunities he's given me thus far and for what's to come.

Check out my showcase performance below.