Where to Find FREE Images for your Blog & Social Media


7 Sites With Free Images for Your Blog & Social Media

Are you looking for royalty free images for your site? I hope so because I cannot stress enough the importance of sharing quality images on your website, social media pages and anywhere else you're leaving your digital footprint. It used to be difficult to find high-quality royalty free images but those days are long gone.

There is nothing worse than landing on a website, Instagram page or LinkedIn profile and seeing nothing but grainy, out of focus, or zero focus images. It's like WTF is that? And if you happen to own a business you absolutely have no excuse putting up blurry product shots, photos that are too small, or graphics that have too much going on: too much text, design, colors, and fonts. 

While this post is not about branding or design theory, never forget the quality of your images does play a huge role in your overall branding. The quality you put forth will determine the quality of the audience you attract and build community with. So why not put your best foot forward? If you are here then you know how much I pride myself on being productive and constantly improving. While looking for images for a client, I thought I'd compile this list to help others who might be in need of some assistance in this area. Below is a list of some of my favorite places to find high quality, free images on the web. 

1. Unsplash - The photo quality on Unsplash is fantastic! They have a great variety of categories to choose from lifestyle, home interiors to cannabis. The photos are submitted by creatives so again, the quality is really top notch! Also, all photos are all licensed under Creative Commons Zero, so you can pretty much use the photos as you like. 

2. Pixabay - Another great site filled with quality images. Not only does Pixaby have great quality images, they also allow you to search by color. This is especially helpful if you're building out a certain color aesthetic or theme across the web by saving you a ton of time! 

3. Create Her Stock - While they do have paid options, if you sign up for the email list you'll receive a set of free images each month. Additionally you'll get access to their library of over 200 images featuring creatives of color. If you are looking to diversify the range of hues on your site, check them out!

4. Foodie's Feed - For the food bloggers, this is a gold mine! Foodie's Feed is full of High-res food images. Free to use without attribution; however, the may not be resold. 



β€œFoodiesfeed is a resource of awesome naturally looking food photos that are completely free to download.”

5. Pexels - Use everywhere and no attribution required. 

6. New Old Stock - Vintage photos from public archives. 


7. Burst - Another winner with high quality photos for free. 

So, now you have NO excuse. There is an abundance of free high quality stock images to be had. Maybe you need graphics for a ebook you're working on, perhaps you're starting a Facebook group and need images to populate the page.

Whatever your need or niche there are are options available for you!