8 Velvet Pieces To Revive Your Wardrobe

A lot of people know me for my work in social media and more recently the cannabis industry. What most don't know is that I actually launched my career in fashion. My bachelor's degree is in fashion merchandising. I moved to NYC in 2005 where I interned in the fashion department at Vibe Magazine. I've worked in fashion in many areas including - sales, visual merchandising and back to publishing. Ever since I was a child I had great affection for clothes and especially the feeling you feel when you know your outfit is perfect! Clothing is powerful. I've spent thousands of dollars over the years making various fashion purchases. From thrift shops to luxury items to wearing out a flea market in Nigeria I love shopping! Shoes, handbags, and especially accessories. I also love accessories you can't exactly wear, like this 18k gold blunt tip. But I digress.

With the year winding down I have been thinking, like almost everyone else about what I want for the next year and more importantly what I need to let go of. One of the first places I am starting to let go is my closet. As I've been clearing out my closet, I noticed I have quite a few velvet pieces. Just a month or so ago I picked up a pair of blue velvet loafers from ZARA. I love them so much I decided I needed to add a velvet skirt, dress, and bodysuit to my wardrobe. Plus I also love mixing textures and velvet items can be the perfect partner to everything from satin to leather and everything in between. 

While checking around online for some velvet options Missguided really got me caught up, they have over 300 hundred velvet items just waiting to be styled.

Below are 8 succulent velvet pieces from Missguided that I'm eyeing for my closet. 

1. Burgundy Velvet Skirt http://tidd.ly/db4640f7


2. Black Velvet Bodysuit http://tidd.ly/c8347780

3. Nude Velvel Biker Jacket http://tidd.ly/95b2848c


4. Orange Crushed Velvet Scoop Back Bodysuit http://tidd.ly/ad4e3dfe

5. Silver High Waisted Panties http://tidd.ly/dce3cd6d

6. Purple Velvet Croc Effect Clutch http://tidd.ly/98d8fbe9


7. Pink Velvet Backpack http://tidd.ly/f18f70e3

8. Navy Velvet Choker http://tidd.ly/a15ef38

*This post does contant affiliate links 

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