10 Essentials For A Chic Winter Wardrobe

Winter has landed in New York City with 19° mornings and in some cases a dump of snow. I am doing my Spring cleaning in the dead of Winter and its cold in the D.  Pondering my next career move, cohabiting and overall adjusting to the change that comes with a New Year. I am trying to adjust with calm, love and ease but sometimes I have a mini anxiety attack. I feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of balls I'm juggling because it's a lot!

I need a wardrobe that can handle a lot of travel, long days and nights, time on my feet and then some. One of my loves has always been fashion. I have my degree in Fashion Merchandising - About RIRI. I come from a fashionable family. My dad made sure everyone had shearling coats in the 80's, that everything matched and we had our gold accessories to set our looks off. We spent a lot of time shopping in and around Georgetown, my dad never wanted to look too trendy, so we spent time going to clothing stores others did't think to explore. My mom always had a wardrobe full of everything: blazers, dresses, colored pumps, especially suede ones and loads of costume jewelry. Her love of costume jewelry transferred to me, in fact I purchased a jewelry armoire about 5 years ago to hold my growing collection of accessories. I won't even get into the fact that my nana made all four of her children's clothes and they all slayed in the 1970's or how my stepdad put me onto thrift shopping at the impressionable age of 9. Those are tales for other blog posts!  

Anyhoo, for the last month or so I have been sifting through last falls garments to determine where I need to fill in the gaps, i.e. refreshing: undergarments, sweaters, pants, tights. Looking through bags for what stiilllllll needs to be tailored, or cleaned. Because I don't shop as often as people might assume and before I make any LARGE clothing purchases I take an inventory of what I have. I think its important to note that the key to building a great, versatile wardrobe is setting the wardrobes foundation: investing in transitional, multi-purpose pieces, and classic items like a great gold or pearl necklace, or the infamous trench coat! From there you build your looks. If you're looking around your closet and drawers finding yourself with a lot of multi colored suede pumps but no clothes to pair them with you should take the time to invest in the basics like that trench coat, a couple of bodysuits and a great pair of loafers. 

Below are 10 wardrobe essentials which will take you from Fall into Winter and right into Spring. They're classic, must have's including layering staples that can stand the test of time. Trust me when I say I stay in a bodysuit. I wear them with jeans and a sweater or cardigan. I pair them with dress pants or skirts and in the Spring/Summer they're perfect for going out at night! I also love totes because I am a digital girl - almost always traveling with my iPad, a notebook, a regular book and God knows what else! Praise Jesus for a coat check! And the below moto jacket I have had my eye on since January when I went back home for a visit and my sister Gabby had it. Recently I got a SALE invite from Nordstrom about their Winter clearance and I ran to get the jacket, but it's not on clearance. I'll have to bite the bullet and get it before its gone. I love the jacket so much - my sister let me borrow it for my BFF's bridal shower, she's a coat/jacket addict. She always gets the best ones.  

After the bridal shower #rocknrollbridalTea

After the bridal shower #rocknrollbridalTea

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