Social Media Management

Social Media Management


As a business owner and creative, you’re multi-skilled and multi-passionate which can make it hard to choose which social media platforms to market your products or services on. That confusion creates frustration, posting inconsistency and feeling like you've let yourself down. I’m here to help you gain clarity and discover how to use your talent, passion, and purpose to build an irresistible social media presence.

It’s about time you got clarity on:

  • The expertise you’re meant to monetize
  • Your purpose and how to use it to build your personal brand
  • How to answer “what do you do” without tripping over your words
  • How to fuse your talent, passion, and purpose into profitability
  • Who you’re meant to BEST serve and what they really want from you
  • The type of content you should create to stand out in a saturated industry

This is perfect for anyone who just feels STUCK and needs a few quick sessions to get clarity to finally move forward.

  • Understand what types of social media platforms are available and how they are used
  • Look at case studies on effective use of social media
  • Learn best practices on how to engage people
  • Look at monitoring, research and engagement tools available to marketers and brands
  • Learn to evaluate social standing of a brand
  • Engage users via social platforms
  • Examine social media engagement strategies
  • Learn tools and techniques to measure effectiveness and ROI
  • Measure effectiveness using free tools 
  • Custom step-by-step social media strategy for your team to execute

  • Outline of social media systems with examples for to assist with executing strategy

This package is good for revenue generating small businesses and entrepreneurs.

3-month minimum

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