Strategic Planning Package

Strategic Planning Package


Purchase this package if you want to work with me to create and implement the foundation for your business's success across multiple social platforms.

Structure: Three 60 minute phone calls - *In person meetings available in the NYC metro area

You’ve put a great deal of thought into planning your brand's growth, but have yet to achieve the results that you’re seeking. You feel that you’re fairly knowledgeable about social media, but wish that you had more clarity about how to take your platform to the next level. If this sounds familiar, the Comprehensive package is for you.

Together we will thoroughly break down your brand’s needs, assess your current platforms and progress, and rebuild your social media footprint to maximize your impact. If you’re not ready to dig in, change your habits, and do the work required to elevate your brand, this package is not for you. If you are ready to work, this package will equip you to achieve the consistent, measurable growth that's been eluding you thus far. 


  • A written summary of our discussion points from each coaching call, to be sent within two business days of each call's conclusion
  • A personalized action plan expanding upon all of the recommendations I've made will be sent to you within 5 business days of your final coaching call. The report will include recommended resources for information, execution, and accountability in regards to every recommendation I've made.
  • A social media audit spreadsheet that equips you to assess your social media progress in relation to the goals we've set. To be sent within 5 business days of program conclusion. 
  • A one-week calendar of social media posts you can make based on your goals and brand identity that incorporates every social media platform you actively use.
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