Slow Down! Beware of Slips, Trips, and Falls.

As I was transferring trains en route to work the other morning I saw a sign posted by MTA with today's blog title. While I was a bit taken aback...

I was for sure the sign was, well, a SIGN for my ass. So, I broke down the sign for my well-being.

In my own abstract way I let the sign speak to me.

SLOW DOWN, Beware of:

Slips - In my latter days I would open mail, especially something with a deadline and forget to acknowledge the deadline. Many times this neglect would lead to my incurring some type of penalty. In my opinion that's a slip.

Trips - As was the case with a 2010 speeding ticket that I paid on time!  However  what I didn't do was send required paperwork along with the payment. My own fault I didn't thoroughly read it.

& finally

Falls - Not sending the paperwork on time led to my license being suspended and an endless back n forth between my insurance co., and the state where I incurred the ticket. EPIC Fall on my part. If you've never gotten your license suspended - cute for you! It's most taxing trying to rectify the situation.

Lesson in all this - SLOW DOWN, TAKE STOCK AND GET SHIT DONE. Because as Mary Poppins said "Sometimes a little thing can be quite important."