Tracking My Progress

There is no career path for an artist. Of course you can go to school and get a  degree in Art/Photography/Theatre etc, but as a artist the work you do is firmly based on passion. One hopes and dreams that their passion and talent will lead them to lucrative opportunities in which they can continue to follow their dreams. But there is no career path to follow. So how do I track something that is so very un-trackable. How do I create markers for my career?

When I began pursuing acting I had nothing to measure. I'd submit for a role, hope to get an audition, go and do my best and hope for a call back. Repeat process. How do I know I am moving forward? How do you determine if you're successful? I decided that this summer after I finished filming a web series Im in that I would take various acting classes to deepen my craft and then maybe I'd have a better idea of which direction I wanted to go in.

I was feeling kinda down about this entire acting process this week. Maybe its because Mercury is retrograde that I was feeling stagnant. Though it was only a few short weeks ago our cast wrapped the 1st half of filming for the web-series. I miss the cast and crew already, I mean I love acting, I enjoy being on set, on the stage and leaving everything there. I adore embodying a character and bringing someone else to life. I consider it an honor to share my gift in this way.

Just when I was thinking of throwing in the towel yet again and get me a good government job I got an email from a director I worked with last year. It was my 1st feature film 'See You Next Tuesday'. In the email he expressed how great and fun it was working with me and how the film is making its way here to NYC this summer. He also gave me a composite of my scenes in the film. This came at such a perfect time because again I'd been feeling like maybe this work Im doing, this career Im pursuing is in vain. Simply because its not moving at the pace I want or expected. After my sister and I watched the composite I was confirmed again in my spirit that I am on the right path, that Gods timing is perfect and that it wont be long now.

Without further ado check out my scenes from my 1st feature film and hopefully soon to be cult classic 'See You Next Tuesday' 

Sirita Wright SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY selected scenes