Join Me, Worldwide Day of Prayer

Join me in prayer as we ask God to heal our world and advance His Kingdom:


  1. Pray for the world’s leaders: Pray that they will lead humbly, justly, and unselfishly. Ask God to give them wisdom and strength as they manage the power and resources entrusted to them.
  2. Pray for peace and restoration in conflict zones: Pray that God will guide the people of Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Venezuela, and Sudan as they rebuild their nations.
  3. Ask God to draw near to those in need: Pray for God to comfort the families who lost loved ones on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and in the Korean ferry disaster. Ask God to show His love and provision to the fatherless, hungry, hopeless, and poor in our communities.
  4. Pray that Christians around the world will boldly, confidently follow Christ: Ask God to make us change-agents, leaders, and people of influenceβ€”to help us be people of obedience, power, and praise!

*Taken from my Empowerment Moments | Cindy Trimm newsletter

Might I also add prayer for the 100+ still missing Nigerian girls.


God Bless