5 Books for Fly Female Entrepreneurs

I LOVE to read. And I have a pretty nice library for a New York City apartment dweller. I have a bookshelf full of books, plus books scattered throughout my apartment and even a mini bookshelf on my desk at work. I won't even discuss the books on my phone and iPad. But believe me, I reads a lot of books. 

Recently I have been working on really strategizing my career. As I start to think about what I want the next phase of my life/business to look like its imperative that I stay focused and know all there is to know about career navigation, and how to stay grounded as I reach my goals. From time to time I re-read my books. Im the type to write notes in the margins, on sheets of paper - constantly asking questions and trying to capture the aha moments that come to me.

Below I am sharing some of those books along with some of the notes I may have scribbled along the margins, or text I highlighted that gave me a sonic boom! As these books continue to enlighten and inspire me I hope that you take the chance to read them. I promise they'll do the same for you.

Click on any of the books to learn more. 

The Confident Woman

Self-doubt is tormenting. The woman who doubts herself is unstable in everything she does, feels and decides. She lives in confusion most of the time and wrestles with making decisions and sticking with them because she is forever changing her mind just in case she might be wrong. A confident woman is not afraid of being wrong! She realizes she can recover from making a mistake and doesn’t allow the fear of making one to imprison her, or tie her up in self-doubt.
— Chapter 6 - Overcoming Self Doubt

Sister Power

I may not subscribe to the norm, as far as behaving or looking the way leadership is supposed to look. But by not suppressing those things about me that makes me different - by acknowledging that difference and, in some cases, even accentuating it - that’s leadership.
— Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney

The Art of Seduction

What I need is a woman who is something, anything; either very beautiful or very kind or in the last resort very wicked; very witty or very stupid, but something.
— Alfred De Musset (Chapter 12: Poeticize Your Presence)

Strategize to WIN

Your profile affects how and if people think of you when new positions, assignments, or opportunities to lead arise.
— Chapter 7: Positioning Your Profile for Success in the Professional Environment

Starting Point Study Bible

Hear me, Lord, when I call to you! Be merciful and answer me! When you said, "Come worship me," I answered, "I will come, Lord." Don't hide yourself from me! Psalm 27. 7-9 [Sometimes you've got to call God out]! 

Jesus said to him, "Anyone who starts to plow and then keeps looking back is of no use for the Kingdom of God." [Stop being wishy-washy, make up your mind what you want out of life].


Matthew 21.13 - "It is written," he said to them [Reminding folks what was written]

Matthew 21.16 - "Yes", replied Jesus, "have you never read,..

Matthew 21.42 - Jesus said to them, "Have you never read in the Scriptures: