Savage Social Media - Periscope for Business & Summit Wrap - Up

This week was hella busy! First there was the New York Periscope Summit, also at the office we launched our 1st The same day we launched blab we also hosted a twitter chat. The social sphere was in overdrive - I'm just glad I was in the drivers seat! 

The Periscope Summit was everything I could have asked for. I learned what brands/orgs like Adobe and the Central Park Conservatory were doing, but also how artist have turned into entrepreneurs generating 4-5 figures using the platform. One summit attendee told me she was set to bring in 5 figures this month utilizing the platform against her coaching business.

I also met one of the BEST social media strategist in the game, Kim Garst. She knows the social selling sphere inside and out. Her love of this industry and the value she adds is top-notch! If you're interested in digging deeper into the world of social media you need to know this woman!   

Kim Garst and I at the New York Periscope Community Summit 

Kim Garst and I at the New York Periscope Community Summit 

At the media day I was able to speak with Kim and tell her how much her expertise has meant to me over the years. Just a few weeks ago I purchased her Periscope Profit Machine course. You mark my words Periscope and are going to be 2 vehicles I use to take my life to the next level. 

Kim even let me interview Al Roker on her periscope. Talk about FAVOR!!!!! I never could have imagined I'd be doing an impromptu banter with Al Roker or meeting Kim Garst, I was just happy to be in the building for such a game-changing platform. 

Click the image to watch the periscope

Click the image to watch the periscope

Now, on to Periscope for Business. I started this blog talking about PERISCOPE and I am ending with PeriscopeWith all my new Periscope findings I decided to create a Periscope cheat sheet for small business owners and entrepreneurs highlighting 4 easy ways to add periscope to your content and marketing strategy.

Periscope is a gold mine for content leads and endless re-purposing possibilities. You could create 6-sec videos for Vine or create 15-sec commercial highlights to share on Instagram.

I believe you should regularly test out new social platforms and see if they're a good fit for you and your brand. Be ok with re-strategizing and letting go of underperforming platforms. Plus with social media giants like Facebook giving priority to video - its a no brainer you should be adding it to your marketing efforts. 

After hearing entrepreneurs share how they're creating community and making some serious dough - I knew it was time to step my game up. I even got back on the horse and re-launched my "scope" after the season 2 premier of Empire [CLICK TO WATCH THE REPLAY]. I plan on scoping after each episode with others who enjoy the show as much as I and aren't ready for the fun to end exactly at 10pm. 

Happy Scoping! 

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