Came Back For You

It's been awhile and the pressure is on to perform. I haven't even been home for a full month, and that's a bit shocking. I took a HUGE leap back in February and made a move to Boulder, CO. EstroHaze, a cannabis startup I cofounded with two colleagues was accepted into a business accelerator. 

The last few weeks I have just been working to get myself organized and find a new normal. Everyday is so different now. With the exception of EstroHaze's weekly meetings and podcast recordings. Normally this time of year I'd be in Florida with my old job covering one of their yearly events. This year however, I am working for myself. 

One thing I was able to do, since getting back home was make a visit to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. The BBG is absolutely one of my favorite places in New York. I highly recommend stopping by if you live in or plan on visiting Brooklyn. 

All photos taken by bae