Guided into Gratitude // Keeping a Gratitude Journal

The year has flown by. I've gotten sharper and grown more business savvy. I traveled to Nigeria and taught about social media strategy. I moderated a panel on cannabis business opportunities and interviewed a MAJOR Silicon Valley tech CEO.  I promise I will continue to soar even higher in 2017, God willing. What I am really clear on, these final days of the year is getting back to my spiritual center. The theme for the month of January is Guidance. When I'm guided I move with intention and obtain deeper impact. I'm at peace within, and things that I don't know or understand, I pray on it and put it in God's hands. I MUST stay in peace. I can't afford to lose my cool or have my ego taking over my actions. I don't want to be too consumed with what other people are doing, or what someone may think of me. I want to be guided, have my steps ordered so that nothing stops me from doing what the hell I need to do, which is: Keep it Pushing! I encourage any and everyone to do the same! 

This morning I was guided to pray for those in authority. I can't remember the last time I prayed for elected officials, other countries or even those who are in authority at my place of employment. I guess you could say I forgot to care, I speak more in detail about this on anchor. 

Listen below

For Christmas, I got myself a few gifts, lol. One of my gifts to self, a small journal. It's my new gratitude journal. A few years ago I was working for a motivational teacher who was a BIG believer in keeping a gratitude journal. He gave me my first one when I worked for him. It took me about 2 years to fill it out, I hope to cut the time in half with my new journal. When I flip through my old gratitude journal it truly does fill my heart with joy to see how excited and grateful I was about any and everything. The years it took me to complete that gratitude journal were some pretty lean years. It was after the 2008 recession and I was working 2 part-time jobs that still didn't cover all of my expenses and my 8-year-old Volkswagon Beetle was draining me financially as well. But there I was learning, growing and expanding. At one point I was mad at God because I worked at a call center, all the way out in Coney Island no less, but I was grateful to be employed. I was grateful my boss Jullien was teaching me about building a community, working in your passion and what a sales funnel was. Despite any setbacks, there was so much to be grateful for and I captured as much of it as I could in my journal. It's been on my mind a lot lately, the need to document the little things. As I once again set out to reshape my life + career and expand on my gifts and talents in the New Year I will again keep a gratitude journal to stay humble and connected to my spiritual center.