Clarity Consciousness | Week in Review

 Shanita Penny, President of the  Minority Cannabis Business Association

 Shanita Penny, President of the Minority Cannabis Business Association

Clarity Consciousness | Week in Review 

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I really do strive to be productive and not only productive, but also effective. Recently, I chatted with one of my co-founders about how she preferred to be contacted. I assumed based on my experience with her that she'd say via phone call. She surprised me when she said she preferred being contacted via text, because from my perspective, she is always on the phone. However, she cleared things up when she said, "No, what you see is me always on facetime." 

What I am getting at is I am working to get clarity in all aspects of my life, especially my professional life. This month I am actively putting myself out there and am gearing up for a clarity session with a branding coach. Someone I have wanted to work with for years. She's straight, no chaser and she gets results! The rest of this year will be about New Beginnings and more importantly getting clarity on the who and what of Sirita Wright, the mogul! lls Nah, but forreal. 

Last week was really great I had a meeting with Shanita Penny, the President of the Minority Cannabis Business Association. Shanita is a force in the cannabis industry, she's doing tremendous work to provide business resources and education for those interested in and/or already operating cannabis businesses. MCBA along with EstroHaze, the company I cofounded are looking to take our partnership to the next level. EstroHaze is a business member of MCBA, one of three cannabis professional orgs we are members of. In any event, I took Shanita to one of my FAVORITE places in NYC Bosie Tea Parlour, right off the West 4 Stop. They have one of the best tea services in the city and its super cute - the vibe is quintessential New York and if you are a fan of Sex and The City then you'll really enjoy the space! 

Back to my meeting with Shanita, I was so impressed with her knowledge of cannabis legislation across the nation and her clarity of purpose in business. I left Shanita feeling excited and invigorated, especially as it pertains to our work at EstroHaze, being that bridge for women of color and those multicultural communities who see themselves apart of this industry is super important to me. As I go into August and into the remainder of the year clarity in my business is what I am seeking. I keep having conversations with people to get clear on what they want, need, and if I can help them what does that look like. 

The following day my cofounder and I had a meeting with a local director who reached out to us, they saw us on Instagram via the explore tab! I keep tryna tell people, Instagram is the NEW homepage. So many of your customers will look at your Instagram before checking out your website. So make sure that thang POPS if you're using Instagram for business! Anyhoo, we met at this great restaurant called Mooncake Foods and it was DELICIOUS! It was so cool speaking with this director and getting a glimpse of her vision for working with EstroHaze. Right now we are ideating, and we're looking to get this collab up and running before the year is out and certainly before the holiday season kicks in! I hope you'll follow us on Instagram to learn more about us, and our work! 

This was a first for me! lol I chose venmo 

This was a first for me! lol I chose venmo 

There are so many great things happening with regards to business. I recently brought on a new social media marketing client who's opening a decor store in Texas next month. This has been a really exciting project to work on as the owner is ALL IN! I am excited to take a deeper dive into this industry and help her to create a robust brand and social strategy for her store! *Have you heard my social media marketing podcast, Savage Social Media? {Click here} to listen! 

With all these going ons I am making an extra effort to keep my energies aligned. Getting up in the morning and being quiet for a second, checking in with God and the angels. Before I even hit a website I walk my dog and listen to some positive affirmations. Listen, I ain't got time to waste nor do I want my energies to be swayed by the issues other people may have. I have to interact with people every day and in the words of mutha Lauryn Hill 'How You Gon Win When You Ain't Right Within' Okay! 


That's all for now!