Maximizing My Opportunities

"Success doesn't always look like success." - Bishop TD Jakes 

Here I am hosting "Financial Jeopardy" inside of the Black Enterprise "Empowerment Zone" at the African American Festival in Baltimore, MD. #BMOREAAF 

It's really easy for me to get caught up with work and focus on getting the job done. Last summer when I took my current position, I had every intention of pursuing my acting career simultaneously. The person who hired me knew I was a "working actor".  But soon I realized, with this new "work" schedule that running out of the office for an afternoon callback would probably be frowned upon.

So when I was tasked a few weeks ago with hosting "Financial Jeopardy" at the African American Festival in Baltimore, let's just say I was not enthused. In fact I was overwhelmed - it was as if upper management thought "Hey, maybe Sirita needs something else on her plate to do".  So now, not only do I have cover this event from a social standpoint: interviewing performers, capturing attendees, socializing what's happening in our tent AKA The 'Empowerment Zone', afterwards I must create a wrap-up report about it. 

It wasn't until I listened to TD Jakes "Live on Purpose" recording again that I got hit with a dose of reality. Sure I might not be able to run out to an audition on the fly like I used to. My acting career was no longer moving in that traditional direction. It didn't meant my harvest wasn't happening right now.


It didn't occur to me that God has been leading me another route. 


I had a great time hosting 'Financial Jeopardy' and I am grateful that the opportunity presented itself.  One of my goals in 2015 is to take a On Air Hosting class - see how I almost let this opportunity slip by. There were many reason I had to distrust this part of my journey. The company had never attempted this before. Art had to conceptualize and create a board, and they KILLED it!! We never had time for a rehearsal. The board was finished sometime the night before we went to Baltimore. The questions were done by the time I left the office that day around 6:30PM, but I only skimmed through them once. I was seriously slacking in getting proper sleep.

More opportunities of exposure are opening up for me. Exposure to new audiences. Its exciting, its scary. But I like it. I enjoy performing. I love work thats challenging and which allows me to develop new skills and harness the power of my intuition. Cause that intuition is something else. 

But I digress...