4 Reasons Everyone Should Host A Twitter Chat

There is so much useful data to be found within twitter chats. Business owners and entrepreneurs alike can use their Twitter chat analytics and leverage them to create partnerships & business deals, pitch to potential sponsors and more! The social intelligence gathered from your chat can also help you unlock content ideas and provide you with leads. I host and organize many chats for work and the insights and influence one gains can really benefit the growth of your business. 

Below are 4 reasons I believe adding twitter chats to your content marketing strategy can help your brands success. 

1. Expand Your Network - Connect with influencers and develop leads by hosting a twitter chat. Use the chats to bring together your current customers, who'll act as brand ambassadors of your products and services, while also introducing your business to a fresh audience. 

The key is choosing a topic your audience relates to and that is on brand with your business. If you're a make-up artist host a monthly chat on all things Beauty: "Best Primers for Spring", "How to Extend The Wear of Your Make-up", etc. Invite an influencer to be your guest and watch their influence push your brand. 

*Expect new followers every time you host or participate in a twitter chat and expect to get site traffic as well.   

2. Create NEW Content - Keep an eye on tweets that get favorited and/or re-tweeted a lot during the twitter chat. Use this information to dig deeper and provide more value to your customers. If a particular point was made, or a company was referenced create a blog post expanding on the point or interview someone from said company.

3. Build Your Credibility - By sharing your knowledge and the expertise of your field you solidify your thought leadership. You also build awareness of yourself and your businesses existence and open yourself up to other business opportunities such as consulting.  

4. Announce A New Product/Service - Lets use an example from the 1st point. Say you're hosting those monthly chats and this month's topic is "Make-up Looks for Summer Weddings" and you're chatting with the beauty editor of "BRIDES". This is the perfect time to share your "Wedding Make-up Package" or some other product/service. 

*Remember the offer must be relevant to the topic. You can also do a giveaway during the chat in exchange for registrations, re-tweets, etc. 

Twitter chats offer endless benefits. If you are curious about how they work start by joining one. Check out twubs for a list of chats by topic, date, and time and go out there and get your feet wet.