10 Things That Make Me Really Happy



I have been slacking on my writing, no matter how hard I might try I just could not get into a good habit of blogging. I believe it was due to overthinking. Spending too much time pondering SEO tactics and other marketing tools to ensure my blog receives maximum exposure. When the truth of the matter is, none of that shit matters. The content matters, connecting with people matters and if you can do that (connect with people well) nothing else really matters. 

I decided over the weekend that I needed to fall back for a minute and just breathe. I love writing, always have and to that end I wanted to find something to kick start my writing so I am doing a 30 Day Writing Challenge. Today's topic: 10 Things That Make Me Really Happy! And in no particular order:

1. My mom

2. My partner Patrick 

3. My fur-baby Dolce 

4. Reading

5. The company I co-founded, EstroHaze 

6. Shopping (especially for clothes) 

7. Coffee - I am currently on a 7 day fast from coffee. My dependence had gotten out of control.  

8. Marketing 

9. Acting 

10. God